How To Save Money On TV

I bet you are wondering how I can save you money on TV? I here to tell you it’s so easy it ain’t even funny. Did you know the average person pays over $100 a month on just cable when 90% of them don’t even need cable or to pay that much for it. If you live in a big city or live just outside of one have you ever considered getting just an antenna? When I did I got over 80 channels with it. Now I did get a more expensive antenna as you can see but it well worth it compared to the savings I’m getting.

I also decided to get TiVo as well since I was missing my DVR and channel guide. I’m here to tell you TiVo is worth every penny. Plus it has a cool feature that my cable company didn’t even have and that is the SKIP feature. What that does it skips all of the commercials in that segment. So there is no more guessing of when the show is coming back on.



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